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  • Large-scale renewable source hydrogen generation and energy storage

    The wilderness of western China is vast, and the installed capacity of renewable energy is huge. The rapid development of new energy in Hainan Autonomous Prefecture is also a microcosm of China’s energy transition. In the past ten years, under the encouragement of the national policy of “building large bases and integrating into the large power grid”, the upsurge of new energy power generation has risen in the three north regions. A photovoltaic power station and a wind farm have been erected on the gobi and desert. The "centralized" development of new energy has put the new energy in the Three Norths in a dilemma of "cannot be used up or delivered". Power generation and grid companies in different positions once blamed each other. Since 2017, the supervisory authority had to suspend arranging the scale of new wind and photovoltaic power generation in the Three North Region.

  • Distributed Photovoltaic Wind Power Generation Hydrogen Combined Heat and Power

    With the declining reserves of traditional fossil energy (coal, oil, natural gas) and the environmental pollution caused by the use of fossil energy, it directly threatens the survival and development of human beings. Pay attention to and develop renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions It has become a consensus at home and abroad. For different working conditions and small scenarios and large-scale applications, the system will adopt different innovative water electrolysis hydrogen generation technologies, use photovoltaic power to generate hydrogen, and then store the hydrogen through suitable hydrogen storage and metal alloy hydrogen storage, and then pass fuel cells generate electricity and heat or other industrial applications, especially for off-grid households and enterprises to provide low-cost green hydrogen power generation and heating products and services.

  • New standby/emergency power application

    As an effective means to improve the reliability of power supply, the automatic switching device of standby power has been widely used in substations. There are problems in the actual application of automatic backup power supply. It is a new type of intelligent backup power automatic switching device. The device introduces a "logic library", which integrates a large number of logic modules and time relay modules, which can be flexibly configured according to actual applications. The device automatically configures the fixed value according to the different configuration, and can simultaneously input a variety of standby automatic input methods, and automatically recognize the system operation mode, and select the corresponding standby automatic input program.

  • On-site hydrogen generation and refueling station

    Hydrogen refueling stations are to fuel cell vehicles just like gas stations are to traditional fuel vehicles and charging stations are to pure electric vehicles. It is an essential cornerstone to support the development of the fuel cell vehicle industry. The development and commercialization of fuel cell vehicles are inseparable from the construction of hydrogen refueling station infrastructure. As the infrastructure to provide hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the number of hydrogen refueling stations is also increasing. Various demonstration activities are being carried out all over the world. The construction and demonstration operation of these hydrogen refueling stations will accumulate a large amount of data and experience. The earliest hydrogen refueling station may be traced back to the hydrogen refueling station in Los Alamos, USA in the 1980s, when the Alamos National Laboratory in the United States built the station to verify the feasibility of liquid hydrogen as a fuel, and more and more hydrogen refueling stations are gradually being built. According to Fuel Cell Today statistics, as of 2006, refueling stations have been built worldwide.