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Wide Frequency Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator


The new generation of wide frequency alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment can be directly applied to the equipment of wide frequency intermittent power supply, specially designed and developed for intermittent power supply of abandoned wind, abandoned light and abandoned water. Reduce the intermediate power re-transmission to power grid under the P2G mode, reduce unit energy consumption, and greatly improve the project's economic efficiency. The original "overload" electrolyzer operation mode design makes the hydrogen production double in a short time. Therefore, the equipment is more integrated, easy to move and occupy less land and save investment in civil engineering.


Hydrogen Production Capacity 75~450Nm3/h
Pressure 6~10barg
Standard Purity >99%
water content Saturated gas
After purification 99.999%
Dew point after treatment -65″C
Oxygen production Capacity 50% hydrogen flow
Slow variability rate Maximum capacity % 5%/s
Power Supply Voltage Change along with output
Frequency 50or60hz
Service rating 3,650kVA


system energy consumption Hydorgen output 225Nn3/h With drying system 5.9kWh/Nm3
Without drying system 5.6kWh/Nm3
Hydorgen output 450Nm3/h With drying system 5.1kWh/Nm3
Without drying system 4.8kWh/Nm3
Cooling Cooling mode enclosed loop
Feed water Partial consumption of electrolyzer 75-450L/h
Electrolyte T mode 30% wt KOH
Operating conditions environment Indoor\outdoor
Temperature range ·-10℃to +35℃

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