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  • On-site hydrogen generation and hydrogenation integrated station

    Hydrogen refueling stations are to fuel cell vehicles just like gas stations are to traditional fuel vehicles and charging stations are to pure electric vehicles. It is an essential cornerstone to support the development of the fuel cell vehicle industry. The development and commercialization of fuel cell vehicles are inseparable from the construction of hydrogen refueling station infrastructure. As the infrastructure to provide hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the number of hydrogen refueling stations is also increasing. Various demonstration activities are being carried out all over the world. The construction and demonstration operation of these hydrogen refueling stations will accumulate a large amount of data and experience. The earliest hydrogen refueling station may be traced back to the hydrogen refueling station in Los Alamos, USA in the 1980s, when the Alamos National Laboratory in the United States built the station to verify the feasibility of liquid hydrogen as a fuel, and more and more hydrogen refueling stations are gradually being built. According to Fuel Cell Today’s statistics, as of 2006, refueling stations have been built worldwide.

  • Skid mounted mobile hydrogen refueling station

    With the demonstration and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, HYDROSYS provides hydrogen fuel refueling services for them to provide mobile, fast and timely hydrogen refueling guarantees for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at home and abroad. It is a hydrogen refueling vehicle and a mobile skid-mounted hydrogen refueling facility; the mobile skid-mounted type can be designed to integrate all equipment in one skid or multiple skids according to customer requirements to form an integrated or split type of two mobile hydrogen refueling stations. It has the advantages of flexibility, high filling capacity, reliable performance, simple and convenient use. At present, hydrogen energy infrastructure has become one of the main obstacles restricting the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. It is based on multiple demonstration projects, such as the CUTE plan in Europe, the hydrogen highway in California, and the JFCc in Japan. Plans, etc., have made substantial breakthroughs in the development and establishment of hydrogen refueling stations. Hydrogen refueling stations are mainly fixed hydrogen refueling stations and mobile hydrogen refueling stations. The fixed hydrogen refueling station of the school and the mobile hydrogen refueling station have many advantages such as more maneuverability, larger service radius, wider coverage, and stronger demonstration effect.