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  • Overhaul and renovation

    Beijing SinoHy Energy Co.,Ltd. is the only company that covers all domestic and international hydrogen generation equipment brand electrolyzer overhauls, replacements, and transformations. Our company has a professional water electrolysis hydrogen generation system after-sales service team with considerable rich experience in maintenance of hydrogen generators at home and abroad. According to the operating status and environment of the hydrogen generator, optimize and upgrade the system, formulate a plan suitable for the operation of the hydrogen generator, increase the monitoring and detection of the PLC, enhance the operational safety and service life of the hydrogen generator, and reduce the external factors of the hydrogen generator system failures caused by equipment (hydrogen compressors, dryers, PLC controllers, etc.) and accidents and equipment failures caused by irregular personnel operations. For most users due to system downtime caused by individual component failures (such as pressure transmitter failure caused by system pressure imbalance, in severe cases, if the analyzer is not accurate, it will produce alarm or explosion) we have a set of mature component detection methods and equipment maintenance program. Our professional engineers will understand the operating status of your hydrogen generation system and the performance indicators of core components at the first time, and propose solutions to ensure the safe operation of your hydrogen generation equipment.

  • Operation and maintenance services

    The domestic hydrogen generation equipment and hydrogen supply equipment produced by our company have achieved a large number of achievements in group companies such as Guodian, Huaneng and China Power Investment Corporation. They are rich in the design, installation, commissioning, operation and subsequent maintenance of hydrogen generation projects experience. The company can provide customers with different hydrogen/oxygen production equipment transportation and insurance services according to customerneeds.

  • Equipment rental service

    According to customer needs, our company can lease the hydrogen generation from water electrolysis/production of 2.8 N. M3/h ~ 750 N. M3/h (oxygen output is 1.4 N. M3/h ~ 375N. M3/h) oxygen equipment.


  • How to choose the right water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment?

    Water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment is the most suitable way to produce high-quality hydrogen and oxygen in the hydrogen field. There are four aspects to consider when choosing water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment: First of all, whether the site planned for hydrogen production meets the requirements of national standards for hydrogen station safety regulations, secondly consider the financial budget, and then calculate the amount of hydrogen used and hydrogen pressure, dew point and purity and other gas quality requirements, to determine the specifications of hydrogen equipment models and other technical indicators. Finally, choose a reliable supplier.

  • The difference between Alkaline and PEM water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment.

    Pure water hydrogen consumption is high, the water quality and pipe material requirements are high, the Module is easy to damage, once the damage can only be replaced can not be repaired, maintenance costs, industrialization to choose a more mature stack is the most reasonable

  • What products and services we can offer?

    Beijing Sinohy Energy not only provides electrolytic water hydrogen generation equipment, but also provides technology and equipment for wind power hydrogen generation centers and hydrogen refueling stations, and gradually expands the scope and depth of cooperation in the field of hydrogen generation, hydrogen storage and use, and develops the whole industry chain including hydrogen generation centers, hydrogen refueling station networks, skid-mounted mobile hydrogen refueling, hydrogen storage and reuse, backup/emergency hydrogen fuel cell systems and deep green hydrogen microgrid. Beijing Sinohy Energy can provide technical solutions and after-sales services such as spare parts for overhauling and upgrading of old equipment for hydrogen generation equipment and hydrogen energy products of various brands at home and abroad.

  • What to do if there is a problem with the hydrogen generation equipment?

    Beijing Sinohy Energy can provide technical solutions and after-sales services such as spare parts for overhauling and upgrading of old equipment for all brands of hydrogen generation equipment and hydrogen energy products at home and abroad. After the equipment fails in the first time, you can search and follow our micro signal (Beijing Sinohy Energy hydrogen generation equipment) and join our professional user service weibo group, you can get accurate and timely technical service in the first time, or call our 24-hour service hotline, and our company can assign professional technical service personnel to provide one-to-one guidance service.