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Large-scale renewable source hydrogen generation and energy storage

The wilderness of western China is vast, and the installed capacity of renewable energy is huge.
The rapid development of new energy in Hainan Autonomous Prefecture is also a microcosm of China’s energy transition. In the past ten years, under the encouragement of the national policy of “building large bases and integrating into the large power grid”, the upsurge of new energy power generation has risen in the three north regions. A photovoltaic power station and a wind farm have been erected on the gobi and desert. The "centralized" development of new energy has put the new energy in the Three Norths in a dilemma of "cannot be used up or delivered". Power generation and grid companies in different positions once blamed each other. Since 2017, the supervisory authority had to suspend arranging the scale of new wind and photovoltaic power generation in the Three North Region.


Technical proposal for hydrogen generation and energy storage

① Extra large hydrogen production and energy storage center: For large-scale power generation, alkanol synthesis technology, petrochemical hydrogenation energy supply, etc.

②Community households, offshore areas or areas where power is not available, small industrial parks and other wind and solar hydrogen production and then power generation to achieve fractional energy;

③ MW-level hydrogen production station, as one of the multi-energy complementary methods, is suitable for renewable energy and traditional power plants to cut peaks and fill valleys.

④Hydrogen transportation and production center for hydrogen fuel cells: On-site or centralized hydrogen production for hydrogen storage and refueling.

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