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World IP Day: SinoHy Energy Innovates for Green Hydrogen

Technological innovation is the source of enterprise progress and development. SinoHy Energy has been focusing on water electrolysis technology for more than 15-year and has an elite team which is more than 100 professionals working hard to promote and enhance the company’s independent innovation and research capabilities; to establish a long-term incentive mechanism for technological innovation for the company’s sustainable development; to continuously summarize the experience of technological innovation work; to convert the technical achievements into productivity; and to provide a strong and powerful source for the company’s sustainable and healthy development.


SinoHy Energy attaches great importance to its own intellectual property technology innovation and research. At present, it has more than 50 patents, including invention, utility model and soft documents, covering the whole process of water electrolysis, including stack, electrode, membrane and power supply. In addition to the traditional alkaline technology and the domestic leading PEM technology, the company is also actively developing and expanding AEM and SOEC technologies, and will launch mature industrial products gradually.


Utility Model Patent Certificate

Utility Model Patent Certificate


The Vice GM Wang Peng emphasized in the summary meeting on April 24th: the company will continue to increase the efforts on innovation and R&D; and closely combine the market development direction and industry direction with the company’s competitive advantages, while turning the technological innovation results into intellectual property rights. The Design and R&D departments need to vigorously strengthen the innovation concept and improve high-quality innovative technology projects, and help the green hydrogen industry.