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Chemical Industry

Hydrogen has a wide range of uses in industry: people use hydrogen to extract oxygen from oxygen compounds and smelt metals in the metallurgical industry. For example, metals such as tungsten and molybdenum, which are very important in the military industry and civilian industry, are refined using hydrogen. The chemical equation for smelting metal tungsten with hydrogen is as follows: WO3 + 3H2 = heating △ = 3H2O + W Hydrogen is also an important chemical raw material. For example, hydrogen can be used to produce ammonia (NH3) and further produce fertilizers. Hydrogen can also be used to make hydrochloric acid, and liquid vegetable oil can be made into margarine. Hydrogen is also an ideal fuel. Hydrogen is very rich in resources, and water is the storage of hydrogen. The combustion product of hydrogen is water. Once people use solar energy to produce cheap hydrogen from water, hydrogen will become an inexhaustible energy source.


Domestic hydrogen production system by water electrolysis Beijing Zhongdian Fengye Technology Development Co., Ltd. provides you with the most advanced water electrolysis hydrogen production device and the best on-site hydrogen production, storage and use scheme.


Advantages of Hg series hydrogen production equipment


Ultrapure hydrogen

The purity of hydrogen produced by the equipment is up to 99.999%. The system can monitor the purity of hydrogen and oxygen in real time. This function will extend the service life of the equipment and greatly reduce the maintenance and replacement cost.


Proven reliability

Durable stainless steel parts maximize the service life of the equipment. It has been proved that the service life of the equipment is more than 25 years.


Easy to install

The hydrogen production system adopts modular integrated design, which is easy to install on site. Strict process control Each step of product design, material selection and processing is strictly controlled to ensure that each set of equipment is higher than the needs of users.


Gas production on demand
-The maximum pressure is 3.2Mpa -Hydrogen output of single unit is 2-500m3 / h -According to the customer’s hydrogen demand, we can design and produce equipment with higher gas yield and purity


Custom design
We can provide customized design of hydrogen production equipment to optimize and integrate the existing plants and facilities of customers. Professional maintenance and upgrading of old system He has rich experience in the maintenance and upgrading of domestic hydrogen generator


Safe and unattended operation -Automatic operation, system with diagnostic function -When the system is running, there is a minimum amount of gas inside, and the whole system adopts non spark intrinsically safe components -System redundancy control design, correlation control -Remote monitoring and operation function can be selected -The system runs automatically without manual intervention.

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