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25m³/h Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation Equipment


1.In-stock equipment, prompt delivery and completely new
2.Provide on-site installation guidance and commissioning services
3.Meet customer's adjustment as possible as we can
4.Containerized installation with a life-support system, no need to prepare the civil and structural work on-site for the hydrogen generating system installation

Technical requirements can be provided by us, public facilities such as water, electricity, gas, demineralized water, demineralized cooling water and chemical supplies should be provided all by the customers.



Technical Specifications





Rated Hydrogen Flow Rate

25 m3/h (0  ̊℃, 1 atm)

Rated Oxygen Flow Rate

12.5 m3/h (0  ̊℃, 1 atm)

Delivery Hydrogen Purity

≥ 99.8%

Delivery Oxygen Purity

≥ 98%

System Operating Pressure

1.6 MPa (Gauge Pressure)

Hydrogen Dew Point

≤ -10  ̊℃

Rated DC Consumption

≤ 4.7KWh/Nm3 of H2

Electrolyzer Overhaul Period

≥ 10 years

Control Design

PLC + Touchscreen + unattended automatic run

Feed Water Consumption

25 litre/h

Cooling Water Consumption

5 m3/h

Power Supply

AC, Three Phase, 380V, 50 Hz

Maximum Connected Load

Up to 125 kW 

Average Power Consumption

5 kWh per Nm3 of H2

Sizes (L x W x H) for hydrogen generating skid


Weight  for hydrogen generating skid


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