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Renewable Energy Water Electrolysis and Energy Storage System(5-100MW)


Extra large hydrogen production and energy storage center: For large-scale power generation, alkanol synthesis technology, petrochemical hydrogenation energy supply, etc.
MW-level hydrogen production station, as one of the multi-energy complementary methods, is suitable for renewable energy and traditional power plants to cut peaks and fill valleys.
Hydrogen transportation and production center for hydrogen fuel cells: On-site or centralized hydrogen production for hydrogen storage and refueling.

Technical specifications:
Unit power consumption: Total energy consumption: 4.8KW.h/N.m3; covering an area of about 1000m2.
Hydrogen production: 2000Nm3/h, annual output 17,000,000.00 Nm3 (1500t), can satisfy the hydrogen refueling needs of 80,000.00 sub-fuel cell buses.

1.Rapid response, large volume, adapt to traditional energy power generation peak shaving and abandoned renewable energy storage
2. Centralized layout, small footprint, high conversion efficiency, high automation procedures, and high safety

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